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Our Services

Since 1995 LMg Solutions has established a reputation for quality, service and value, supporting
customers such as Premium Aerotec, BAe SYSTEMS, Boeing, Bombardier,
AIRBUS UK, Embraer, SICAMB SpA, S.A.B.C.A., G.E Aviation and many
other companies worldwide. we continually review and upgrade our technology infrastructure.
Our in-house capabilities include the latest previous release of major system such as

Current CAD/CAM Software
· CATIA V5 Design / Multi axis manufacture
· Siemens NX Design / 5 Axis Machining
· EdgeCam

Working with these companies on a wide range of projects, LMg Solutions Ltd has
accumulated vast knowledge, experience and the ability to meet exacting and diverse
customer requirements and expectations LMg solutions can supply Engineers and Specialists on Site including:

  • NC Programmers
  • Designers
  • Planners
  • Project Managers

We currently have engineers on site in both the UK and Germany.

Support services

LMg Solutions Ltd is particularly effective where:
·         There is a short fall in your project’s NC Programming resource
·         The project’s technical requirements exceed in house capability
·         You wish to extend your team using highly skilled personnel
·         Where the demand for NC Programming capacity exceeds a companies             in-house resource
·         Where the technical requirements of a particular project exceed a                       companies in-house capabilities or abilities
·         Historically this support has been for both short-term (tactical offload)             and longer-term (strategic partnership) situations. More recently we are           increasingly supporting companies through the transition from existing           CADCAM systems to, for example CATIA.
·         The need to train Engineers, and the learning curve associated with the           introduction of a new system, cause a temporary reduction of in-house            capacity. To overcome this, third-party support is required. A further                benefit is that the in-house engineers benefit from the real-world                         experience of  our own engineers.

Part Programming

NC part programming is the core activity of LMg Solutions Ltd.

From our involvement in a diverse range of projects for Europe’s leading Aerospace companies we have gained unparalleled experience in providing the most effective solutions, with the ability to overcome the most complex engineering challenges.

Using the latest versions of CATIA and Siemens NX Design and manual programming techniques, we are able to produce NC part programs for almost all NC/CNC machines and control systems. Conventional and high speed machining. All materials

Working from 2D drawings, or 3D solid models, from most major CADCAM systems, we combine customers established preferences for machining techniques, cutter tooling and fixturing methods with our own knowledge and experience to generate and deliver efficient NC part programs, ready for post-processing by the customer, or post-processed to load directly to the machine tool controller.

Part Verification

Prior to delivery, each NC part program undergoes a rigorous and detailed verification using CGTech Vericut.

False cuts, machine or cutter collisions, geometrical and dimensional errors are therefore identified and resolved before the part program is delivered and run on the customer’s machine, significantly reducing TTO time and increasing confidence that the first off part is correct.

Using the Machine Simulator and Revpost facilities within Vericut we are able to effectively convert an existing part program to run on a different machine. This is primarily of use for customers whose production schedule dictates that a particular part has to be produced on an alternative machine, or where a new machine tool is to be introduced to the production facility, or perhaps where an existing machine has been upgraded to a newer control system.


Each NC part program can be delivered in APT Source format, ready to be post-processed with the customer’s own post-processors. Alternatively, we can build a post-processor to suit the customer’s machine, enabling us to deliver NC part programs ready to load to the machine controller.

Systems Consultancy

As part of our aim to provide a complete range of services for our clients. We have a range of computer support services to help your business across both Microsoft and Unix platforms.

We are able to offer not only generic assistance covering a wide range of services from systems specification and networking to security and disaster recovery but also specific support for the CAD / CAM environment. Where we work to ensure that the development environment is both secure and productive.