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NC Programming and Engineering Solutions

LMg Solutions Ltd is a specialist provider of Numerical Control Part Programs from the smallest prismatic part to the largest & most complex structural Aerospace components. Working with small general engineering companies within the UK to Global leading Aerospace companies, where LMg has gained a reputation for it’s technical expertise & quality. We possess an in depth working knowledge of the Aerospace and Automotive sectors, from a workforce which has gained unparalleled technical expertise. This leaves us perfectly placed to understand our clients’ requirements and provide an industry leading cost effective solution.


Extensive Client Portfolio

Since 1995 with a massive worldwide presence we have established a reputation for quality, service and value, supporting customers
such as BOEING, EMBRAER, BOMBARDIER,  Premium Aerotec GmbH , BAe SYSTEMS, AIRBUS UK, G.E Aviation

SICAMB Spa, S.A.B.C.A. and the Automotive industry such as Bentley Motors. Our involvement in a diverse range of projects for Europe’s leading Aerospace Companies we have gained invaluable experience in providing quality, highly effective part programming solutions. Using the latest technology and adaptable programming techniques, we are able to produce NC Part Programs for most NC/CNC Machines and Control Systems. Which include:captureaa

  • 2½ through to Multi-Axis machines.
  • Conventional and High-Speed Machining
  • Parts from small prismatic to the largest airframe assembly
  • And All Materials

Quality, Service and Value

LMg commitment to quality is reflected by it’s ongoing commitment to ISO9001-2015 qualified

Working with global leading Aerospace companies on a wide range of projects, we have accumulated vast knowledge,
experience and the ability to meet exacting and diverse customer requirements and expectations,
with our Quality Procedures. We are also ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant. We are proud members of  The Aerospace Wales Forum which is the trade association for all companies operating in the Aerospace & Defence sector in Wales